Next in Sims series: A soap opera

Next In Sims Series: A Soap Opera

Published: 5/14/1999, 7:00:00 PM EST

While still being developed by Maxis, a division of No. 3 game publishers Electronic Arts Inc., The Sims is attracting attention at E3.

"It's like a modern version of Little Computer People," said Randy Casey, a graphic artist with NovaLogic, referring to a Commodore 64 title from yesteryear.

Casey had joined ranks overflowing into the convention center's aisle to get a look at the game.

"I think I'll get it," he added.

A day in the life of ...
The game -- like others in the series -- puts you in control of your own virtual people in a computer-generated world.

With the Sims, you control a single person and, eventually, that person's family.

"It's about making good relationships, about getting a big house," said Chris Trottier, associate producer for Maxis.

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